Jewel Venture

Jewel Venture will take your match-3 gaming to new heights.

Jewel Venture is a thrilling match-3 puzzle game that elevates the genre! Take a look around the vibrant Jewel Venture universe and get lost in a unique puzzle adventure. With over 1,000 levels and 10 game types, you'll have plenty of chances to demonstrate your puzzle-solving skills. The difficulties in Puzzle Venture increase harder the further you go into the game. Are you capable of completing this puzzle? Explore the trickiest situations and take pleasure in your well-earned rewards, which include numerous trophies in addition to points. Hours will pass by like minutes because of the variety of gaming options and creative concepts. Open the hardest levels in Adventure Mode and put your brain to the test with our power puzzles. Next, progress through each of the distinct Jewel Venture iterations. In Time-Challenge Mode, compete against the clock to become a real match-3 hero. In Planetary Mode, your most beloved levels are just waiting for you to solve them again and time again. And if you need a short fix of challenging puzzle fun, Endless Mode delivers. Explore the Jewel Venture universe and play a different kind of puzzle game!





- Adventure Mode: Enjoy puzzle-based fun like never before
- Time-Challenge Mode: Compete against the time using a unique rating system
- Planetary Mode: Play your preferred versions!
- The game offers over 1,000 levels of fun, an endless mode that allows you to play anytime, anyplace, and a unique fantasy scenario.
- It also sets new standards for the puzzle genre and features a rating system and trophy hunting.

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