Lantern of Worlds – The First Quest

Come along on a fantastic journey that will take us to exotic and distant places!

as King Valdemar of Idunia's royal explorer. You have been dispatched to Sultan Mehmet the Magnificent's courts on a diplomatic mission. Dark forces, however, plan your demise while you are traveling there, leaving you in a small lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with nothing but your cunning and will to live. Fortunately, you notice a distant island in the distance a desert island full of adventures! However, as you go on your adventures, you'll discover that enormous things have happened and that you have a significant part to play in either the world's redemption or the downfall of the kingdom of Idunia!





- More than 40 story encounters
- Full backdrop art and major art pieces by Ponylab
- Fully spoken dialogues, by talented voice—actors like Tiffany Witcher
- Music by numerous creative artists.

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