Lamp of Aladdin

Enter a realm where wishes are fulfilled...

See a peek of a world where fairytales come true and dreams come true. This is the tale of Aladdin's fantastical lamp-wielding exploits. Wealth, power, and fame were all bestowed upon him by the lamp, but it could not even touch the heart of Boudour, his beloved princess. Aladdin has to complete a nearly impossible feat in order to win Boudour's hand: harvest the fruit from the magical Tree of Life. An incredible adventure awaits him with the devoted and humorous Genie by his side. Explore far-flung locations, such as an island in the clouds, a hidden observatory, and an underwater kingdom. There will be sneaky traps, magical creatures, and a colorful cast of characters. Come along for a humorous trip into a fantastical realm!

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