Kung Fu Rabbit

You have to protect every one of your students from Universal Evil in Kung Fu Rabbit.

The Rabbit Temple's way of life is precarious. Once more, Universal Evil has taken control and kidnapped all of your students. The only person who escaped the raid safely was you. They will apologize; they didn't murder you! Make use of your battle savvy and agility to save all of your classmates! Leap from one rooftop to another, traverse obstacles with ease, and ambush your enemies to tear them to pieces! Detailed graphics, intuitive controls, and endless playability. There are 70 stages in all, and each one requires a combination of strategy, dexterity, reasoning, and a lot of sabre rattling. In addition, there are carrots to eat, babies to save, rewards to be earned, and a Universal Evil to defeat in the game.





- Seventy-five stages in both easy and difficult modes (a whole day of gameplay!)
- Seven hundred and fifteen unlockable things to personalize your Rabbit.

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