Kingdom Tales

The powerful dragons will eventually look for new lands to call their own!
Now is the time!

An old legend declares: One day, the powerful dragons will look for new lands to call their own! Now is the time! The prophecy has come to pass! Now, the only leaders who can bring humans and dragons together will be the bravest and most righteous! Take on the role of the unwavering and selfless leader whose mission is to guarantee the security and well-being of every individual and animal in the kingdom! In Kingdom Tales, you will travel around the terrain, collect, create, and exchange materials, construct and maintain your subjects' houses and communal buildings, and endeavour to raise your people's degree of happiness! In this magnificent and entertaining time management/strategy game, you will race against the clock to perform chores while encountering druids, forest fairies, trolls, dragons, and other fascinating animals!





  • Discover 45 amazing levels
  • Make sure your subjects are well
  • Accomplish various goals
  • Help the people of the Kingdom restore their community
  • Enjoy superb HD visuals with widescreen support
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