Ki11er Clutter

With almost 1700 puzzles, Ki11er Clutter: Clutter 11 is the most incredible Clutter to date.

The Clutter series is renowned for its inventiveness, action-packed gameplay, and captivating puzzles that entice you to keep playing. The hardest Clutter game ever made, Ki11er Clutter stands apart from its predecessors wait till you see the Dancing Doughnuts and White Cubes! Ki11er Clutter offers you the perfect challenge, whether your goal is to finish as many levels as possible in the quickest time or to take your time and appreciate the graphics and gameplay. You'll enjoy playing for hours with over 1,700 puzzles, limitless levels to revisit, and your favorite and new game types!




  • New sets of hidden objects
  • Improved gaming modes
  • An extremely difficult 144-level main quest
  • Original quest music composed by the legendary Mike Sal (Kix Kreative)


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