Happy Empire – A Bouquet for the Princess – Enhanced Edition

Fight, grow, and encounter both good and bad heroes.
Defeat the Evil Wizard and let the narrative conclude happily!

Princess Leya and Prince Hervald travel around their nation, which was ravaged during the previous battle, in this strategy/adventure game. They will encounter both good and bad heroes as well as opposing minions on their travels. They will have to work hard, collaborate with many personalities, trade, build cities, and wisely manage their resources. And they'll encounter numerous difficulties and roadblocks along the way. Boys and girls will feel something when they play this game. In the game Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess: Enhanced Edition, arcana and difficulties are entwined within a single plot. With their assistance, battle, grow, encounter both good and bad heroes, and advance through the Empire. Give the tale a happy ending! Win against the Evil Wizard and his goons to take the victory back home!





- Vibrant illustrationsWonderful feelings!

- The game is a part of a larger, intricate plot.

- Four incredible worlds to explore- 64 distinct stages

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