3D Chess

Enjoy difficult chess sessions!

3D Chess encourages you to compete against the computer or pals in beautiful 3D worlds ranging from ancient Greece to frightening graveyards. For an added challenge, try our chess puzzle mode with several levels of difficulty: Finish frozen sessions in a set amount of turns. Discover the best path to success in order to unlock more and more new riddles. 3D Chess has a strong AI and a plethora of convenience tools (such as turn recommendation, undo turn, notations, turning the board, and much more) to make every session an unforgettable experience, whether you're playing against your computer or pals on the same PC. A chess rule wiki completes the bundle by providing fascinating insights into the game's rules.





- Undo turns

- Turn suggestions

- Freely rotatable boards

- Player vs player on a single PC

- Turn notations

- 3 different chess piece sets with matching boards

- Physics-based rendering with Unity 5

- 3 different lighting sets

- Chess puzzle mode with 3 difficulty levels and 20 puzzles per level

- Chess rule wiki

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