1000 LYA

An action-packed match-3 outer space adventure with 80 levels and a hilarious comic plot!

Dive into a thrilling match-3 outer space journey with ca. 80 levels and a bevvy of fantastic power-ups. Join the genius inventor Togard on his urgent journey to reclaim a stolen time machine and tackle various special objectives on a total of five different planets. When the going gets tough, you'll have lots of wonderful power-ups to rely on. Trick your adversaries and conceal your tracks by swooping close to dark holes and then speeding away. Pursue the criminals over 100 light-years and bring their villainous commander, Oregon, to justice before he can use the stolen time machine to travel into the past and alter the future according to his nefarious plans. Fun for the whole family awaits you in outer space. The humorous comic plot and crazy characters sparkle in a galaxy of adventure.





- Exciting science fiction adventure in deep space

- 80 tough levels

- Incredible power-ups

- Diverse bonus quests

- Humorous comic story

- Fun for the whole family

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