Fish vs Zombies Solitaire Double Pack

Two thrilling and enjoyable solitaire games!

With the exclusive double pack, play two thrilling and enjoyable solitaire games. Include games like Zombie Solitaire and Atlantic Quest! You only need a solid deck of cards and a mind as keen as a swordfish's—well, sword—for Sharky and Clowny's most recent shenanigans at Atlantic Quest! As if one thrilling adventure wasn't thrilling enough, they also have to solve a case of nautical sabotage and uncover some obvious egg theft. Accompany the two lively pals as they tackle over 70 thrilling solitaire levels inspired by maritime comics, and aid them in defeating a few menacing bosses along the way. In the deep sea casino, juicy rewards await you, which you can use to purchase ten powerful power-up cards to aid Sharky and Clowny in their card game against the forces of evil.

Zombie Solitaire:
- Two weeks have passed since an infected tofu burger turned a poor soul from a kind vegetarian into a zombie that devours brains.
- The slobbering zombies have now taken over the city as a result of one event leading to another.
- The only thing to do is to flee for your life! You'll need to work your way through thrilling games of solitaire and entertaining minigames before you can drag yourself to safety on a zombie-free island. But use caution!
- The horde of ravenous zombies is closing in on you! Zombie Solitaire offers you a fun card game with biting humor.
- It will require mental effort on your part if you wish to preserve it!
- Enjoy a total of 170 levels of enjoyable solitaire
- There are a ton of fish and zombies in each game, along with 10 powerful power-up cards and a humorous art style.

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