Finders Keepers

A treasure-seeking expedition across the ocean with Floyd Finders and Goldie the cat!

Take part in over 150 levels of watery adventure with Floyd Finders and his dependable companion Goldie, suitable for all age groups! In an effort to bring back broken hearts, gather riches, fish, and unique mementos while attempting to stay out of the way of pirates, whales, walruses, and ghosts from the deep. Discovering your wealth will lead you to fascinating and far-off locations like the North Pole, the Bahamas, the Titanic's final resting place, and even the fabled city of Atlantis! You will make friends who can assist you along the route, but at a cost. Seek out opponents who will put you to the test while you explore the Atlantic for Floyd's most prized possession. There are three game modes that will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

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