Fairy Quest Match 3 Double Pack

Venture into the world of fairies!

Venture into the world of fairies! Stop the evil that aims to ruin the fairyland with the aid of four powerful fairies.


Fairy Quest Match 3 Double Pack offers two enchanted match-3 fairy adventures that will keep you occupied for hours. Fantasyland's magical residents were imprisoned and the land became contaminated after a malevolent sorcerer drained it of all its power. This could be the last for our fairy companions if you can't restore the magic and clean up the surroundings! Are you set to go? However, you don't have to handle anything by yourself! The Wind Fairy, Fire Fairy, Lightning Fairy, and Clover Fairy are four magical pals who are ready to assist. You can conquer any difficulty with your puzzle-solving abilities and their amazing talents. Help them clear the air and save the fairies. Enjoy 120 challenging match-3 levels with a fantasy theme. As you play, you can switch between three different match-3 game styles! Discover twelve distinct magical settings. Gather imaginative power-up additions and make good use of them. The excitement doesn't end there: challenging bonus puzzle games will keep you engrossed in this strange world.



Fantasy Ques 2
King Feodor needs your assistance! The fairy kingdom has been overshadowed by an evil force, and it is now your responsibility to save the land and its inhabitants. All animals and fairies who drink from the waters of the Holy River grow very ill due to pollution. Your fairy pals might not survive if you are unable to purify nature! Are you up to the task at hand? Fortunately, you're not facing this alone. You'll have the assistance of four enchanted fairies in this Match-3 quest. Take on around 100 captivating stages that will challenge your intelligence! Explore supposedly cursed areas, gather helpful power-ups, and alternate between three game modes. You enter a magical world while you solve fascinating puzzles.





- Three match-3 game modes to choose from
- Over 200 total levels to keep you occupied for hours
- Enchanting backgrounds straight from the fairy realm
- Exciting mini-games

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