Evil Orbs

To protect the world from evil, pop the orbs!

We believe they originated in space. We consider them to be wicked. We are aware that they must be burst! Indeed,
All of Earth's cities are under attack by evil orbs that have completely destroyed everything. They are immune to every known type of weapon. Dr. Klaus Von Hammersphere has fortunately found a new element called Anti-Orbium that can defeat the Evil Orbs, saving the world. To get past the challenges the Evil Orbs present, combine a variety of power-ups in unique ways. Indeed,

Dr. Hammersphere has requested your assistance in putting an end to the Evil Orb threat so that the world won't have to endure eternal misery. How do you respond? Would you like to see the world saved? You might even turn into a hero and learn the origins of the Evil Orbs and their mystery during your adventure. Are you capable of vanquishing the Evil Orbs?





- More than 400 stages and more than 132 cities to save!

- More than fifty distinct power-up combinations!

- Accumulate more than 120 trophies and gold medals!

- Engage in Hotseat Mode with your friends!

- In Relax Mode, practice levels and power-up combos.

- Is it possible to defeat Challenge Mode?

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