An evocative adventure typing game that chronicles the tale of an uninspired writer

In the imaginary world of Epistory, you assume the role of the muse, a character with no known past. The world is empty as your adventure starts, but it will quickly fill up and grow more vibrant as you find inspiration, unravel its secrets, and vanquish its adversaries. Every aspect of the game, including movement, chest opening, and engaging in fierce combat, is controlled solely by the keyboard. In addition, the story literally comes to life in the writer's head as you proceed and delve deeper into the fantastical origami universe, unlocking the secrets of the words' magical power.





- Dive into the lovely world of paper crafts: Take on the role of the muse, lost in a fantastical 3D universe while riding a gigantic three-tailed fox.

- More than just typing: answer enigmatic riddles, discover magical abilities, and vanquish adversaries in spectacular, heart-pounding battles.A case of writer's block? Explore the writer's mind's origami universe and gather snippets and inspiration points to piece the story together. However, there is more to the tale than what first appears. You can control everything using a keyboard, including motions, battles, and menus.

- Adaptive difficulty: the game has a dynamic difficulty system that changes to match each player's skill level, regardless of how quickly or slowly they type.

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