Empires of the Past Match 3 Double Pack

Get this twin pack to play two fantastic Match-3 games!

Take a short trip back in time to two of the greatest empires the world has ever known. This twin pack includes two thrilling match-3 games that will keep you occupied for a long time!


Treasures of Rome

Ready to fulfill your obligation to Rome? Assist Caesar's most courageous Centurion in accepting the greatest challenge and rescuing his stunning wife from the terrible Marcus's clutches. In this exciting and difficult Match 3 adventure, travel across Ancient Rome from Capua to Ostia with your allies at your side. Use the special abilities of your dependable Legionnaires to traverse the vast Republic in order to save your bride from an even worse fate than death and to unravel the mystery of the priceless secret artifact. Treasures of Rome promises to be a more difficult game than the Colosseum's gladiatorial combat, with its 100 levels of pure gem-matching enjoyment and other exclusive extras.


Treasures of Egypt

The balance of power between good and evil was in danger many moons ago in the land of the Pharaohs, when Ancient Egypt was still the most powerful force in the known world. With the aid of a mystery relic and the might of Ra, the Sun God, evil forces have taken the lovely High Priestess Iset hostage and are preparing to depose the Pharaohs! More gorgeous than Cleopatra and more sinister than an Egyptian curse, Treasures of Egypt is filled with exclusive bonuses, magnificent gems, and 100 thrilling levels of matching jewels!





- A total of 200 enjoyable and difficult levels

- Amazing Match 3 gameplay

- Several power-ups and extra features

- Discover Rome and Ancient Egypt.

- Bonus "artifact" puzzles

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