Elisa Cameron: Ghost

Shall I die?
But perhaps, passing away is only the beginning...

Shall I die? Seemingly, yes. The fact that you can't recall how it might have happened adds to the mystery. However, it appears that your biggest concern right now is death. In order to preserve her sister, her future, and perhaps even the world, Elisa Cameron needs to act swiftly. An incredible tale originating from the best-selling Dark Horse graphic novel Ghost!

Elisa Cameron: Ghost narrates the strange tale of journalist Elisa Cameron, who awakens in a parallel universe halfway between the worlds of the living and the dead, and has to solve her own murder and bring them to justice. Players must utilize detective reasoning with skill to solve Elisa's murder, discover her real origin, and perhaps even save the planet. Ghost: Elisa Cameron offers almost four hours of eerie quests, enigmatic minigames involving solving mysteries, and the requirement to examine collectable objects.





  • More than 50 stunning locales with intricately detailed surroundings and situations
  • Resolve 32 HOG puzzles and 14 original puzzles/minigames.
  • Exciting maneuvers
  • Gameplay lasting more than 4 hours in an immersive setting.
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