Dragon Soul and Sorceress Match-3 Double Pack

An action-packed bundle for math-3!

Defeat your adversaries in this action-packed match-3 package! Two thrilling games are included in this double-pack:


Quest of the Dragon Soul In this timeless fantasy match-3 puzzle adventure, an incredible magical paradise awaits you. Once again, the remote kingdom of Frozen Mountain is in danger as evil has taken hold. To unlock the good magic, the Sorceress requires your assistance as the sworn defender of the land. Will you face an unidentified evil with courage and preserve your kingdom? Discover as you go through a realm filled with fabled dragons, legendary demons, and undiscovered riches.


Journey of the Sorceress: Embark on an exciting Match 3 adventure with the mysterious Sorceress as she searches for the secret to immortality in the Frozen Mountains! This quest is both entertaining and challenging. But beware strange creatures lurk in the shadows! You'll encounter a variety of lethal inhabitants and formidable adversaries along the way, each with its own unique set of magical abilities ready to test you. With your abilities and Match 3's power, you might one day make it to the Frozen Mountains to retrieve your prize if you can overcome them.

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