Detectives United: Beyond Time CE

Can you save your world from impending cosmic doom with Detectives United: Beyond Time CE

In this extraordinary journey, the fate of the world is believed to be shaped by a single, seemingly inconsequential delivery. Alongside fellow agents, you will be led into a race against time where humanity's salvation hangs in the balance as a mysterious parcel, dispatched through the corridors of time, materializes at your agency. A looming cosmic threat, shrouded in otherworldly power, threatens to obliterate your reality. Can the obstacles be surmounted, and disaster averted before it is too late? Embark on an enthralling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure to unearth the answers!


Collector's Edition Features:

  • Witness the mastery of Ewan and Anna as they hone their magical prowess. Accompany them on their journey to unravel the enigma behind the museum heist!
  • Uncover concealed puzzle fragments, enchanted artifacts, and riches concealed within each locale! Don't overlook the additional bonus puzzle!
  • Revel in the immersive wallpapers, captivating screensavers, and mesmerizing soundtracks! Save your favorites for future enjoyment!
  • Navigate with ease using the invaluable strategy guide to stay ahead of the challenges.
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