Delicious – Emily’s Cook and Go

Help Emily to get back to serving food

This special edition of Delicious is again all about serving food. Together with Emily, players travel to Hawaii, Holland, Brazil, and many other locations. It's designed for players to master their time management skills and enjoy endless gameplay on the go.



  • Simple controls
  • Easy to learn
  • Favorite characters from the Delicious universe



  • Make the items the customers order by tapping or clicking on the corresponding icons.
  • When you have all the items prepared, take the order to the customer by tapping or clicking on them.
  • Some items may require several actions to prepare.
  • Complete the sale by tapping or clicking on the cash register.
  • Fill up the frenzy bar by completing orders.
  • Once full, you can tap or click it to give Emily an enormous boost!
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