Daydream Mosaics 2 – Juliette’s Tale

Go on a fantastic mosaic puzzle adventure!
In Juliette's Tale, Daydream Mosaics 2,

Assist Juliette in re-establishing the balance between the mysterious Crimson and Azure Worlds by embarking on an amazing mosaic puzzle adventure! The universe's equilibrium was disturbed centuries ago by an enigmatic disaster known as The Riving. As a result of the worlds colliding, chaos and disaster will ensue; the worlds will cool down in the Azure world and become completely covered in frost. Use reasoning and instinct to reveal breathtaking images hidden in numerical patterns across more than 120 casual play levels. Restore the balance of the world by rebuilding old sanctuaries in between levels.  Along the way, you'll come across an intriguing group of people who will help you find the lost crystals as you search for clues. Accompany Juliette on her amazing quest to protect the Crimson and Azure Worlds.




- Magnificent mosaics featuring a maximum of six colours.
- 120 nonogram levels to be deciphered.
- To save the Twin Worlds, and restore historic sanctuaries.
- Select one of the three available play modes.
- Mini-games that can be replayed, such as hidden object scenes and spot the difference.
- A compelling narrative featuring twelve fantastical chapters
- Every nonogram is rationally derived.
- Choose from an assortment of tile coverings.
- Beautiful backgrounds.
- Excellent soundtrack for daydreaming.

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