Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side Collector’s Edition

A perilous voyage through the Dark Side.

After blowing up the dam and unleashing thousands of tons of water on the Darkness army, Alice and her allies were positive they had won. However, it wasn't the end at all. After sending a hurricane so strong that the three were on the verge of death, the Dark Warrior lived!.. When Alice comes to, she is on the Dark Side, behind the Great Fissure, where ordinary people haven't been allowed to go for a few decades. Now that the girl needs to locate her uncle and Farador before the Darkness does, the burning flame she was given as a child is losing its power for some reason. Will Alice be able to locate her loved ones before the magic power disappears forever?.. Alongside young Alice, explore the shadowy regions, abandoned towns, caverns, and oases found within the Death Valley. You must travel to the very centre of the abandoned areas, where you must overcome many obstacles, stay clear of traps, and flee the Darkness. Are you prepared for the challenging yet exhilarating journey to the other side?





- Do not be afraid of the perilous journey to the Dark lands!
- Meet the fortunate people who survived on the abandoned territories.
- Find dozens of morphing objects and solve a ton of amazing puzzles.
- Find new friends to help you.
- Assemble amazing collections.

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