Dance of Death

All you can learn about death via music.

The butler of the late violinist Giazinto Folgieri abducted the musician's son from the orphanage. Claudio Moro, the butler, is a wicked sorcerer who seeks to achieve immortality and perpetual youth through a magical ritual meant to absorb the boy's life force. For the ceremony to be performed, blood from the father, son, and mother of the Folgieri family must be utilized. Finding the enigmatic Red Violin and learning the mysteries of the ominous music dubbed Dance of Death is now up to you. Assist in unravelling the mystery surrounding the boy's disappearance and put an end to a lunatic who is determined to live forever!





  • Five distinct hidden object scene types
  • One-of-a-kind Golden Mask minigames
  • An engrossing, mysterious story
  • Haunting music
  • Rich, atmospheric graphics and animations
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