Crystalinx is a whole new genre of match-3 puzzler.

A whole new genre of match-3 puzzle game is offered by Crystalinx. Not a grid, not a swap! To create matches, chains, cascades, and combos, simply slide and rearrange the crystals in any desired configuration! The text reads: Beginners will find Crystalinx to be friendly, but experienced players will be able to take advantage of chances to score large scores because you are in control and not the game board. Every powerup affects strategy differently, and the same is true of every board arrangement.

Unlike most match-3 games, Crystalinx is not about popping anything in sight; instead, it has a whole distinct ethos centred around flow and change.





  • Fourteen board designs, each having a distinct strategy
  • Three game types are available: timed, limited move, and infinite
  • There are six incredible powerups available: freeze time, time bonus, double score bonus, rainbow balls, reassembling shards, and position targets!
  • Random Zone offers you a random board and a random powerup on every level for more replay value!
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