Crazy Soccer Football Star

The Interstellar Soccer Cup is about to begin!
Lead your squad in Crazy Soccer Football Star and help them win!

It used to be thought that soccer, or football as some of us call it, was exclusively a human activity, but then aliens invaded and presented the ultimate challenge. The Interstellar Soccer Cup is the new name for the World Cup as a result! Defeat the aliens to show them who is the galaxy's greatest coach. Crazy Soccer is a variation of soccer where teams that are not related to each other play intense, short games (less than five minutes). You can create a wide variety of combinations using the customization options in the game, including shouting Spartans, tiny blondes with cute eyes, and Englishmen with traditional top hats. But no star team can hope to fight aliens and win the Interstellar Cup without your help. To destroy your adversaries, use turrets, meteors, cows, or recognizable-looking legionnaires with specialized abilities.





- A revamped career mode with different planets and ALIENS.

- Three types of abilities: defence, attack, or GO NUTS!

- Hireable expressive characters, each with a distinctive move.

- Fast matches.
- A variety of team customization options.

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