Clutter RefleXIVe – The Diceman Cometh Collector’s Edition

The hardest and most fun Clutter so far - More than 2800 puzzles to pass the time during the day!

With over 2800 problems, this is the hardest and most enjoyable Clutter yet—it will keep you occupied for days on end. A Quest to remember with so many new Clutter kinds mingled with old favorites. There are 15% more puzzles and supplemental resources in this Collector's Edition. Crazy Singletons, Circular Abstratica, and the hugely popular Box Songs variant are all included in the bonus area. As usual, the Clutter levels are quite replayable and addictive. Additionally, there are Square Jigsaws, Sliders, and Box Quotes featuring a fresh twist. Remember to also solve the Dice & Icon Puzzles. Never before has Clutter been so tough and fun. You can play Clutter whatever you wish, as per the usual possibilities. You can store the puzzles you want to play repeatedly by adding them to your Favorites.



  • Several new gameplay modes and new object sets
  • A challenging Main Quest with over 2800 levels
  • An exceptionally challenging Dice Quest featuring a No-Motion Old-School Quest
  • Countless brand-new picture puzzles and Box Quotes puzzles
  • Randomly generated levels suggest that you can play them again and again.
  • An additional outstanding music with a cinematic feel.


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