Clutter IX

Clutter IX: Extreme Clutter! Is this the greatest Clutter yet?
There are 1100 riddles to solve.

Clutter IX contains an incredible 1,100 puzzles. In addition, you get the most recent iterations of Clutter together with some of your old favorites mixed in for levels of hidden object games you won't soon forget. Furthermore, the game features Sliders, Square Jigsaws, and Box Quotes. And keep an eye out for the latest IXtreme (Extreme) variants. Never before has Clutter been so fast-paced and suspenseful. You can only play the Clutter version that you adore the most if you discover a particular game mode that you prefer to the others. Make your favorite puzzles and return to them at any time. Clutter IXtreme offers more than 1,100 puzzles.




- New gaming types that have never been experienced before

- More than a hundred picture and box quote puzzles

- Repeat the RNG rounds

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425 MB

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