Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette – Thanksgiving Edition

Three years ago, the turkeys rose uprising.
Will Thanksgiving ever be observed by humans again?

Three years ago, the turkeys rose uprising. That was also the year that humans last enjoyed Thanksgiving meal, which is not by accident. It was outside assistance. Thanksgivings from other planets rushed to support their friends on Earth. They had cutting-edge technology and were well-organized and intelligent. And they showed no mercy. Now is the moment for you to defend our turkey-roasting ancestral privilege. Will Thanksgiving meals ever be shared by humans again? The text reads: We ought to have anticipated it. It was the inevitable result of our ongoing mistreatment of turkeys. Years of chopping, dicing, carving, and slicing for the sake of flavour. Indeed, gobble-gobble. Will you defeat the repulsive birds? Will Thanksgiving meals ever be shared by humans again? Or will you wind up on a restaurant menu somewhere in space serving turkey?





- Travel to twelve star systems outside our galaxy

- Drive out 120 waves of turkey invaders.

- Learn about nine fantastic weapons that can be upgraded to eleven levels each, with a secret 12th!

- Get 15 medals and 30 exclusive bonuses while advancing toward glory.

- Get access to twenty mysteries that can be unlocked.

- Stunning visuals and a live orchestral soundtrack

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