Cave Quest 2 Collector’s Edition

Discover the thrilling adventure of Cave Quest 2 CE, a hidden cave city filled with match-3 puzzles!

The denizens of the cave city's avarice have been exploited by the demons from the scorching desert to gain access to our realm. They wish to merge our reality with theirs, having repaired old portals. After receiving word from a covert organization, one of the monastery novices rushes to deliver the relic but is unsuccessful and vanishes into the maze-like cave. As the abbess's right hand, it is your duty to pursue the relic and stop the wicked intentions from coming to pass at all costs! There are going to be a lot of secrets and obstacles in your path. Demons never stop, enslaving an increasing number of people. It is up to you to battle them and concoct a magical concoction that will release your companions from the realm of the devil. You will be assisted in this by a multitude of abilities and spells that you will learn along the path. Clever secrets abound in the Cave Quest 2 universe. If you exercise caution, you can increase your experience and elevate your abilities to the maximum.





  • Take on a Demonic invasion to save your world!
  • Various locales and encounters!
  • Play an incredible match-3 adventure game.
  • Gather power-ups to improve your ability to repel the demons.
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