Caribbean Zombie Jewel Double Pack

With this Match-3 double set, you may either survive the zombie apocalypse or join a pirate crew!

Two thrilling and entertaining match-3 games are included in this fascinating double pack; one takes place during a zombie apocalypse, while the other takes place on the high seas with a roving gang of pirates. The Captain's fiancée Pepper is missing in Caribbean Jewel. He and his four pirate friends must search the high seas for his betrothed, who has been kidnapped and taken along with a map to the fabled Treasure of Tortuga.  You have to assist Dan with Zombie Jewel when he wakes up in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse with his buddies! Now, in this insane and difficult Match-3 game, he has to save his sweetheart Zoe and make it home alive.





-Excellent Match 3 gameplayThere are hundreds of levels to complete.

- A ton of upgrades

-Interesting characters-Original music recordings

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