Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight: Collector’s Edition

In Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight - Collector's Edition, mystery and intrigue await.

Over Camelot and King Arthur's mysterious realm, ominous clouds loom. As Merlin's apprentice, you are tasked with demonstrating that King Arthur was not at fault and possibly identifying the true perpetrator of this heinous kidnapping. The Lady of the Lake goes missing, and her husband the Green Knight accuses King Arthur of being to blame, endangering the peace of Camelot for everyone. Now is the time for you to demonstrate your merit as a court wizard. Can you stop the conflict and track out the betrayer who planned to overthrow the King?





- There are monsters in the Camelot Kingdom! You'll need to use your cunning and wizardry to save the day once more in this sequel!

- Fresh narrative and HOPA scenes

- Brand-New Puzzles and Mini-Games

- Find collectibles and morphs

- Images, audio files, and more

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