Brightstone Mysteries: The Others

You have to solve shocking riddles about the disappearance of a toymaker and all of his employees that same evening!

As you go into town, everything becomes more hazy and unclear. It's up to you to look into the town's hidden mysteries and find the truth. But first, you have to understand the peculiar occupants. There are spots in this small, once-quiet town that seem completely deserted and others that seem normal. At first, not much makes sense, but as you play puzzles and mini-games, talk to locals, search for clues and buried treasure, and so on, a story will gradually come to life in front of you. And are those scary creatures in black trying to help you or are they misguiding you? What's on the other side of the complex maze? Play this unique and thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure game to find out!





- An exciting journey beyond the world's Similar to Playing an Interactive Thriller Book
- Assist Reporter Mary in Looking Into The Mysterious CaseDiscover The enigmatic characters and their locations
- Take a Tour of The Mystical TownSee Hundreds of Locations
- Locate Hints And Work Out RiddlesInvestigate For Hidden Items And Objects
- Complete a Wide Variety of Mini-Games
- Use The Map And Assisted Hint When Traveling
- Three levels of difficulty: easy, adventurous, and challenging

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