Fill and Cross Royal Riddles with Royal Jigsaw

Two fantastic games that work even better together!

Better Together Bundles combine two fantastic games that play even better together! The following games are included in this package.

Royal Riddles to Fill and Cross: Solve the king's puzzles to unlock his treasures! Solve 108 fascinating puzzles in 9 exquisite locations within the royal castle. Over four hours of gameplay, ambient soundtrack, stunning trophies, and complete immersion in a realm of royal puzzles.

Royal Jigsaw is a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game. Anyone who is familiar with jigsaw puzzles can participate! A player constructs a picture out of a set amount of puzzle pieces by dragging, rotating, and dropping the pieces into place. There's even a magnifying lens for any particularly microscopic items! Royal Jigsaw is eminently replayable and ideal for all ages, with puzzle possibilities ranging from 12 to 300 pieces, game difficulty adjustments, and exciting, intriguing puzzles to complete!





- High-quality, one-of-a-kind images
- Relaxing background music
- Game difficulty controls are optional.
- Many hours of playtime

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