Barn Yarn: Collector’s Edition

Assist Joe and Tom in repairing an old barn and preparing for the cold winter!

Meet up with Joe and Tom again and assist them in repairing an ancient barn and preparing for the severe winter. Hold garage sales and buy everything you'll need to transform the dilapidated barn into a pleasant and warm winter home for the farm animals. Joe, by the way, had a dream...Do you think you could assist him in making his dream a reality?





- Discover approximately 3,000 things in 30 different locations
- Select from 60 unique indoor decor items in three distinct designs.
- Enjoy 6 unique I-Spy modes as well as amusing mini-games
- Collector's Edition Bonuses: Additional rooms to search for hidden objects, 12 extra barn accessories, wallpapers, music, concept art
- Assist Joe in realizing his ambition.

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