Aztec Venture

In this thrilling match-3 game, unravel the mystery behind the Aztec treasures!

Lace up your boots and take out your map; adventure awaits you in Central America. In this fascinating match-3 game, you will discover intriguing Aztec treasures! It all started with a simple research expedition. But then, off the coast of Central America, calamity strikes you and your crew: shipwreck! But aid is on the way: one of the Indians, Ichtaca, volunteers to accompany you on your mission to find the Aztec temples. But first, you must liberate the Holy Path from the horrible curse set by the Aztec monarchs. How? By solving puzzles in level after level of thrilling match-3 action! Will you rise to the occasion, or will you be trapped in the primordial jungle for the rest of your life?



Features include:


- 105 fascinating match-3 levels

- 8 engaging tale chapters

- 3 additional minigames, spectacular power-ups, and multiple difficulty levels.

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60 MB

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