Amy’s Greenmart

Manage the store of your dreams!
At Amy's Greenmarket

Amy's Greenmart is an addicting time-management game where you help your friend Amy and her lovely cat Napoleon to run your own dream store! Open your first shop in quiet Suburbia, and expand your chain store across the town, using your wits and skills. Grow and sell your Eco-Friendly food to the customers, manage the shop, and help it to expand! Immerse yourself in this addicting time-management game, follow Amy's story, and experience the thrill of running your own Greenmart! As the owner of the store, you will have to be operating at your best, and in charge of everything: keep it stocked with healthy products, grow and sell your own all-natural fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and fill the shelves with various goodies. Running a business isn't easy, so hire staff to assist you in various tasks. Greenmart is a lovely place, so don't forget to keep it that way, and look after your lovely Greenmart mascot: Napoleon the cat!






-Order new items when needed, and fill your store with goodies.

-Serve your customers, and satisfy their unique needs.

-Upgrade your inventory and hire new staff to assist you.

-Look out for thieves and troublemakers.

-Look after Amy's lovely cat.

-Grow tasty tomatoes, appetizing apples, yummy oranges, and much more.

-Play in the City, the Beach, and other amazing places.

-Experience new gameplay mechanics in later levels.

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