Alchemy Quest

Create your own alchemical laboratory in this enchanted match-3 game!

Magical escapades! You must assist the wizard Calen in rebuilding his alchemy laboratory in this magical match-3 adventure. When the tired wizard accidentally used the wrong ingredient in a magic potion experiment, his latest invention blew up in his face. That didn't deter Calen, who immediately started off in search of additional ingredients for his concoctions. There is only one way to get them: complete all 100 thrilling levels! Mean tiny gnomes will try to obstruct your path; you must assist him in defeating his alchemical adversaries. Alchemy Quest is family fun for young and old alike thanks to the meticulously created comic-book-style scenery and extremely detailed animations, as well as the fantastic tale!





- More than 100 amazing levels

-Trail through a gorgeous, enchanted environment and rebuild your magical laboratory

-An engaging match-3 adventure for kids and old alike

-Challenging minigames-Shop system for upgrading power-ups

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50 MB

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