Adventure Trip – New York Collector’s Edition

Adventure Trip - New York Collector's Edition: Take an Exciting Adventure to New York

Do you want to experience the excitement of New York City? There's something for everyone, from the lush greenery of Central Park to the metropolitan perspective from the Brooklyn Bridge and breathtaking historical landmarks like the renowned Rockefeller Center. In the game, you'll visit 20 ethereal locations. As the game proceeds, you will be offered eight mini-puzzles, each with a different level of difficulty, which will add to the fun and provide a break from fact-finding. This game is ideal if you are a virtual bird who appreciates adventure.





- 100 astonishing facts to discover

- Explore 20 New York locales

- Collect 15 unique objects for your treasure

- 5 Modes Word, Silhouette, Scrambled Word, Missing Vowels, Finding Pairs

- Collector Edition includes 14 new locations, 3 mini-games, and a total of 60 levels.

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