Adam Wolfe

Uncover a secret universe beneath contemporary San Francisco!

Put yourself in the shoes of Adam Wolfe, a paranormal investigator. Driven by your sister's inexplicable disappearance, travel to San Francisco's sombre streets, where crime and paranormal phenomena intersect in dark corners. Solving one mystery after another, you gradually uncover a wider scheme that could lead you to your missing sibling but could potentially pull you eternally into the abyss. In this psychological thriller with over 8 hours of hard action, use your wits, investigative instincts, and, when all else fails, your six-shooter. Adam Wolfe is full of secret societies, supernatural diseases, and ancient covenants! Included are all FOUR episodes! Become the detective...become Adam Wolfe!





- 53 unique locations

- Sublime artwork

- Tantalizing storyline

- Unique case-solving techniques and ingenious puzzles

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