Academy of Arcane Arts

Come celebrate Erika's first year as an Arcane Arts Academy student!

Welcome to the Arcane Arts Academy, where a magical collection of monsters awaits you! Follow Erika as she adjusts to her new life and encounters the particular problems and challenges that a magical college student experiences on a daily basis. She'll meet new people and maybe even fall in love...but she might run across some unexpected foes! Something sinister is lurking in the shadows, aiming to take Erika's magical abilities. Maybe not everything is as it seems!




Join Erika to discover who or what is hiding in the shadows!

Play a Time Management game in an enchanting magical world.

Enjoy stunning professionally created scenes that are ideal for mobile devices.

Explore 60 interesting levels with hours of unique gameplay.

Enjoy 120 stunning story-driven cutscenes (each with its own intro and outro).

Decorate Erika's dorm room with diamonds.

A wonderful ambient soundtrack will immerse you in the spell.

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