Enjoy These Brand New Game Releases on IPlay

Sweet Home: Look and Find 2 Collector’s Edition

Settle into a comfortable spot and get ready for an adventure filled with object-finding, puzzle-solving, and mini-game challenges in this delightful second instalment of a series that truly shows why home is where the heart is. Each challenging level will take you on exciting activities: embark on a nature hike, unwind by the pool, and fire up the grill in the backyard! Personalize your space by choosing from a vast array of furniture and decorations, creating a unique and inviting environment that you’ll never want to leave.

Myth or Reality: Snowbound Secrets Collector’s Edition

As an intrepid explorer of myths, a challenger of prejudices, and a protector of order, no ghost or monster can elude you! The city of Blue Roche is embroiled in a mystery: strange footprints, eyewitness reports of monstrous sightings, and an aura of the unknown. It falls upon you to unravel these enigmas. Beneath the chilling layers of snow and ice, something waits… but what is its nature? Is it perilous, ravenous, or perhaps unexpectedly benign? Caution is essential, for each new adventure holds unpredictable outcomes. Fear often clouds judgment, and it is your task to discern the truth behind the fears in this quaint Canadian town. Stay alert—watchful eyes might be peering from the hills!

Art Coloring 35

Art Coloring transcends the realm of mere painting games. It immerses players in a vibrant universe filled with stunning artwork, elegant lines, and brilliant hues. In today’s world, creativity is driven by passion, and anyone can become an artist. By simply selecting a color, determining the right amount, and applying bold strokes, masterpieces come to life. A unique feature allows the choice between coloring in broad areas or individual pixels, catering to different artistic preferences. Completing these magnificent pieces elevates you to the status of a true artist.