Art Coloring 35

Complete stunning artworks and shine as an artist with Art Coloring 35

Art Coloring transcends the realm of mere painting games. It immerses players in a vibrant universe filled with stunning artwork, elegant lines, and brilliant hues. In today's world, creativity is driven by passion, and anyone can become an artist. By simply selecting a color, determining the right amount, and applying bold strokes, masterpieces come to life. A unique feature allows the choice between coloring in broad areas or individual pixels, catering to different artistic preferences. Completing these magnificent pieces elevates you to the status of a true artist.



  • 64 stunning paintings bursting with vivid colors.
  • 64 exquisite artworks created pixel by pixel.
  • A choice between two coloring styles: pixel painting or section-by-section coloring.
  • The ability to switch between smooth, flat coloring and rich, textured painting.
  • Hours of delightful and engaging entertainment await!
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