Youda Sushi Chef 2

Become the ultimate chef by playing this delectable and entertaining time management game!

Enter the mouthwatering realm of Youda Sushi Chef2, where you can apply your culinary expertise. Make food for six restaurants across the globe. Acquire the knowledge of delectable regional delicacies by heart. In addition to the Venice pie serve a Diner Delight and a fiery Tortilla poncho. Remember to monitor your inventory and place timely orders for fresh ingredients. Become an expert restaurant manager by upgrading your kitchen to get a speedier conveyor belt, cut down on preparation time, and learn new tactics. To order many fresh ingredients at once, upgrade your phone and buy a better coffee maker! Gain Star power to make mouthwatering puddings, replenish your ingredient stack quickly, perform magic, or simply freeze all of your clients for a short while. Everything is possible! Accumulate enough stars to go to the next level, which has a faster pace, more clients, and more distinct flavours! In the final Boss Battle of each restaurant, prove that you are the best chef and defeat your boss!





  • A distinct spin for every eatery!
  • Six difficult boss battles!
  • Six incredible, distinct eateries!
  • Quick and mental exercise gameplay!
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