Youda Jewel Shop

In this time management game, join forces with Samantha, a gifted young jewellery designer!

Are you drawn to glitz and glitter? Are you a true multitasker who maintains composure under pressure? Then you should visit Youda Jewel Shop! You collaborate with Samantha, a gifted young designer who is soon to receive her degree in jewellery design, at Youda Jewel Shop. Since Samantha was a young girl, her grandfather who is also an avid jewellery designer has taught her the fundamentals of design while operating a small jewellery business on his own. Assist Samantha and her grandfather in keeping up with the newest styles in clothing as your first task. You will acquire the skills necessary to cut gemstones and make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that meet the exacting standards of picky clients willing to part with large sums of money. Samantha and you embark on an unforgettable voyage once you have mastered the fundamentals of jewellery creation. You will come across the mysterious Zen Lady, The Russian in the shadows, and even shoplifters who attempt to rob you! Glory is a long way off. Can you take home the Designer of the Year trophy and win the races held at Queen's Palace? Chase the gold!

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