Worlds Align: Beginning Collector’s Edition

The game is real this time!
The Collector's Edition of Worlds Align: Beginning

Savor Worlds Align: Beginning, an innovative journey spanning the realms of Redemption Cemetery, Haunted Legends, and more! Some well-known characters team up to bring a helper from the real world into the game world when the realms of Haunted Legends, PuppetShow, and others start to blend together. That you! Get to know long-time allies and adversaries alike as you collaborate with characters from multiple beloved television shows to rescue their respective realms and identify the source of the catastrophe that might wipe them all out. Can you stop the virtual worlds from collapsing and find out why they are collapsing? In the Bonus Chapter, save a Watcher's homeworld once more!





- Play replayable HOPs and mini-games to explore the secret nooks of many game worlds and unlock achievements!
- Find a ton of morphing objects and valuable coins!
- Savor unique concept art, soundtracks, films, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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