World Keepers: Last Resort

Take down a long-standing villain that wants to exterminate humanity!

As a buccaneer sets forth across perilous waters to uncover the cause of a terrible plague and vanquish an ancient evil bent on eradicating humanity, the future of humanity is in jeopardy. Assume the character of Elizabeth, a courageous and self-assured heroine who investigates visually arresting settings in her quest to discover the truth. Explore a deserted island town in search of hints and hidden objects, use cunning to defeat the horrific animals who destroyed an Indian hamlet, and stay away from the smoke monster that could spell disaster for you. In order to progress, you must locate four dolls and master the usage of their individual powers. As you progress through this exciting journey, you'll grow closer to the spectacular conclusion. World Keepers: Last Resort is a game that will captivate you from start to finish because it is full of adventure, difficulty, and breathtaking artwork.





- A powerful and endearing female protagonist
- An epic supernatural tale of adventure
- Seven exciting chapters to finish
- A learn-as-you-play tutorial
- An endless supply of hints and tips

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