Witches’ Legacy: The Ties That Bind Collector’s Edition

Edward's backstory is revealed by a stranger.

The time flies by! Lynn was a young child only a few short years ago, but she has grown up and is now engaged to Edward. When you learn that Edward is missing, your happiness for your adopted daughter can't be contained! He was encouraged to go back to his origins by a mystery letter that held answers to his past. Edward is used to risk because he is a witch hunter... But maybe this time he got in over his head. Lynn and you dash after him, not realizing that a shadowy figure is observing you. Will you be able to find Edward in time? Play this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game to find out! This is a unique Collector's Edition release filled with rare goodies you won't find in the ordinary edition!





- Find morphing objects to earn prizes.
- Restore Abigail's human form in the bonus game!
- Collect puzzle pieces and unlock bonus mini-games.

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