Witches’ Legacy: The City That Isn’t There Collector’s Edition

This city doesn't stop...Examine it in Witches Legacy: The Nonexistent City CE.

While researching for her upcoming book, your mother has inexplicably vanished. However, how can you locate a city that doesn't actually exist? Follow her footsteps cautiously into a lost city inhabited by enigmatic creatures. To find your mother, work with your companion Bertha, the ferret shape-shifter. Will you be the latest casualty of the city, or can you save her before it's too late? In this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out!





- See the Sallenvile tragedy through the eyes of your ancestors.
- To learn more about the characters and their backstories, solve jigsaw puzzles and look for hidden puzzle pieces.
- Find things that are changing and get a range of achievements!
- Do you feel trapped? Consult the useful strategy guide.
- Screensavers, an art gallery, a soundtrack, and wallpapers.

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