Whispered Secrets: Tying the Knot Collector’s Edition

As intense as a fire, love can be.
Are you able to identify the person trying to ruin the Osmont family?

Begin the latest gripping case in the Whispered Secrets series! Some mysteries beg to be solved, and that's exactly what happens when you come across one of your career's most spine-chilling cases! A regular carriage journey quickly takes an unexpected turn when you come across a disguised criminal attacking a bride at the Osmont mansion! Can you stop the atrocities of the past from setting fire to the present with only one witness, a family full of secrets, and a mysterious force working against you? Discover more in this fascinating Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure.





- Save Count Victor's brides in the additional chapter!
- Replay your favorite HOPS, and mini-games, and get achievements!
- Tons of collectable puzzle pieces and morphing things to find in each scene!
- Enjoy unique music, movies, and concept art!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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