Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth Collector’s Edition

Can you discover the information concealed by the castle's walls?
Cursed Wealth, Whispered Secrets, CE

Explore the most recent, spine-tingling chapter of the Whispered Secrets series with curiosity and excitement! You jump into action to look into your friend's suspicion that his wife's recent death was the result of a murder! Solving the crime will not be simple, as there are many suspects in the castle. Before it's too late, can you discover the truth about a cursed fortune while a mysterious spirit follows you around? In this exciting Hidden-Object Puzzle journey, find out!





- Uncover the mysteries of Castle Mason in the extra game!
- Relive your best minigames and HOPs to unlock achievements!
- There are morphing items, jigsaw pieces, and tons of cards to find!
- Take advantage of special films, music, concept art, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost.

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