Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands CE

Find the poisonous murderer!

Travelling to the isolated village of Transvaal, you receive a troubling message from your uncle. However, your uncle is not there when you get there. Discovering that he has been searching the globe for a woman named Morgana and that this is not the only village to face her lethal fury, you begin to look for him. Before long, the victims begin to accumulate, each with a peculiar bite mark that is oozing with poison. However, is this Morgana's creation or something even more evil? The sands are always moving in this exciting Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game, so proceed with caution!





- Awesome concept art and wallpapers
- Videos and mini-games
- Integrated Strategy Guide
- Participate in an exhilarating bonus game with Morgana!

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